Julian Fulco Perron - Vocals/Keyboards
Jim Williams - Bass Guitar
James Steinbach - Lead Guitar
Austin Salazar - Rhythm Guitar 
  Alec Lister - Drums

21 Taras are a 60s and 70s influenced rock band from Denver, Colorado that formed in 2014. Their goal is simple; to send you on a journey through the best musical periods. Past to present.

The band began with James Steinbach (lead guitar)

and Alec Lister (drums) and soon grew with the

additions of bassist Jim Williams and Austin Salazar

(rhythm guitar) shortly thereafter. The four met in high

school in which they all shared classes. In late 2014

singer Julian Fulco was added to the mix when he

moved to Denver from his hometown of Anchorage,

Alaska. Fulco encountered Steinbach on an online web forum and a rehearsal was immediately scheduled . The band went on to play their first performance; consisting of a few original songs as well as covers; just days after their first rehearsal.


                                      The band’s new album “Change” is reminiscent of the mid 60s and

                                      70s. Featuring horns and strings, as well as vintage keyboards in                                            the Fender Rhodes and Vox Continental; the making of Change                                              truly served as an open playground. The no limits, outside of the                                            box approach to writing and recording as demonstrated in this                                                album truly opens them up to push the boundaries as to how                                                many sounds they can encompass as a band; and they feel their                                            options are endless.



"I like to say that nothing is off the table." says lead singer

Julian Fulco. "The variety in our music is what continues to

keep me going. We don't play by any rules when it comes

to what we write and record. Every day sparks new feelings

and opens new doors for who we are and what we are

capable of." Change was recorded by the band themselves,

while being mixed and mastered by astute engineer

Mark Derryberry (ELO and various sound design projects )

in Arvada, Colorado. Julian; along with Mark and Jim Boyd;

made sure that even the smallest of details came across in production. With the diverse sounds of 60s Spanish influenced throwback tune "Time Traveler" and the layered vocals and mellotron sounds of "Sleep Softly" to the raw rockers "Change Is Gonna Come" and "Fatal Farm", the band makes sure to represent a wide range of styles that keep you intrigued and enthralled to reabsorb the many layers that construct the tracks.

















The band hopes to continue this growth when they return to the road later in the year and are eager to play for larger audiences in as many areas as they can reach. The band takes pride in their live performances, citing that their energy on stage is very personal and authentic. They love to bring the songs that they have created to life in ways that they have never done before. They believe that this is only the beginning, and they are excited for what lies ahead as they continue their tread towards prominence.


21 Taras new album “Change” is available here




Julian Fulco Perron’s powerful vocals bring a dynamic element to this 70s influenced rock band. Mix Perron’s incredible range with true rockstar-style guitar solos and the result is the instant classic “Illegible.” 21 Taras plays with the theme of salvaging a love that’s lost in this funky new single that’ll make you want to get up and dance.
 Ellie Herring - 303 Magazine

21 Taras begin their new album Change with Change Is Gonna Come , an introductory effort which immediately showcases the band’s technical ability. The dynamic established by the bass, guitar, and drums during the first half-minute ensures that the vocals have a tremendous bit of momentum as they enter into the equation. The driving dynamic between the vocals and guitars call back to the heavy rock of Thin Lizzy and The Cult.

21 Taras are crafting their own style by the time that Gettin’ Hungry begins. Gettin’ Hungry has a unique style that effortlessly links together blues, jazz, and 19th-century piano rolls. The robust production ensures that both sets of vocals, the rockabilly-infused instrumentation are able to gel into something cohesive and endearing. The Ego and The Universe is a high-water mark for the band on Change. Sizzling guitars and ropy bass lines unite to tell a dense and detailed story. Each second yields something additional as the harmonica is included in the mix.

I’ve Been Better, I Be Worse is a fantastic track that is simultaneously able to bring 1970s soul, 1960s rock and the epic sound of Billy Joel and Elton John to bear. While the song may stop before the five-minute mark, the magnificent sound that 21 Taras builds up here will stick around with listeners long after the album ceases to play. The guitar work  reaches new heights here as the lively bass and splashy drums enter in. Change concludes with From A Distance, a track that is able to touch upon on the trends and approaches previously broached on the disc while spinning the band into a bold new direction.

For additional information about 21 Taras, check out their social media profiles. A full-length listen to Change can be located at the act’s Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: Change Is Gonna Come, The Ego and The Universe

Rating: 8.2/10


James McQuiston - NeuFuture 

Denver is a huge city known for many things. Denver is known for omelettes that it didn’t invent. It’s not known for cheeseburgers, which were possibly invented there. It’s also the type of city where if you live in the suburbs, you just tell people from other states that you live in Denver. 21 Taras is a hard rocking band that hails from Littleton, CO. They just recently released their latest album, Change.

Change opens up with the old phrase, “Change Is Gonna Come”. Right away, there is a raw feel to the music. Something about the production values just feels a little more raw and unprocessed than other bands. Another noticeable thing is the slight wavering in the singer’s vocals. They add a lot of personality and emotion to the lyrics, which is great for a song about standing up to overbearing authority. It lends it a bluesy sort of feel, which they capitalize on in “Gettin’ Hungry”. Between his raspy voice and the jazzy tempo, this is a song that remembers rock’s roots. It gives a great contrast between the first track and the third, “Fatal Farm”. 21 Taras is a callback to the earliest days of hard rock and metal. The rhythms and sounds are reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and their cohort.

“Time Traveler” adds a touch of horns for just the right amount of flare and personality. It is just enough to set it apart from other songs on the album. It is fascinating how capable 21 Taras are of producing such a diverse album, as “Sleep Softly” is completely different again from all previous songs, including “Time Traveler”. Much like the early greats of the genre, they know just how to twist their sound through a variety of styles. “The Ego and The Universe” is a jazzy romp that ventures back and forth between the sounds of hard rock and acid rock, for example. Parts remind the listener of Pink Floyd while others are something entirely different and unique.Then you have “Heavy Road”, which sounds more like Black Sabbath. Contrast that with the softer “I’ve Been Better, I Be Worse” and “From A Distance”, and you have quite the range of songs. If anything, this album manages to use every minute to show how diverse the songwriters in 21 Taras are. If you’ve been missing the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, they are definitely the band for you. The recording technique is spot-on, the mastering is precise, and the sound is great. It is the kind of release that begs for accompanying vinyl records and gives you flashbacks to hot days on leather seats, listening to cassettes on the road. Make sure you are doing your best to pick this album up as soon as possible!

Panfocalphotog - Fuel The Scene Magazine